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Offworlders Frequently Asked Questions 2017-10-27T14:01:52+00:00
Which eBook format should I pick for my PC or MAC? 2017-02-14T12:44:57+00:00

If you want to read eBooks you download from on your MAC or personal computer, you can choose either format. To open the files, you will need to use eBook reader software to open and read the eBooks. Which file format you need will be based on which eBook reader software you prefer using. You may already have software installed on your PC that is capable of reading EPUB or MOBI (Kindle) formatted digital eBooks. Many of our free eBooks come in both formats, so if you are unsure if you already have the software you need on your PC or MAC, first download both formats from the free downloads section and try to open them. If you have a program that is capable of opening one or both of the formats, you can use that program to read the eBooks.

If neither the EPUB or MOBI file formats will open on your PC or Mac, that indicates that you will need to download free eBook software to read the books.

Windows Based Personal Computers:

We recommend using Adobe Digital Editions for reading EPUB files on the PC. You can download that program from Adobe for your PC HERE.

For Kindle MOBI formatted files, we recommend the free Amazon kindle software available from Amazon HERE.

MAC Computers:

On Mac computers, we also recommend Adobe Digital Editions for reading EPUB files on your MAC. You can download that program from Adobe HERE.

For MOBI Kindle files on the MAC, we also recommend the free Amazon kindle software available from Amazon for your MAC HERE.

So, if I can choose either format for reading eBooks on the Mac and the PC, which one is better? That is unquestionably a matter of personal preference as mentioned earlier. Many people, however, like the kindle application because the design and layout of the software has a cleaner look.

Devices that Support EPUB Format 2017-02-14T12:44:57+00:00

Most any device with the exception of the Amazon Kindle support the Adobe ePub format. The EPUB format can be used with many different devices since the format is based on an open eBook standard developed by the  International Digital Publishing Forum. If you do not own a Kindle and want to use the digital eBook you download from then EPUB is the format you want.

Click here for the official list of compatible eBook devices from Adobe Software.

Devices that Support MOBI Format 2015-02-01T08:30:59+00:00

If you own an Amazon Kindle and you want to read your Offworlder’s eBooks on your Kindle purchase the Kindle MOBI format. The Kindle Amazon natively reads MOBI files, so this is the one to choose when purchasing an eBook download for your Amazon Kindle.