Brian & Charles by Jim Archer

//Brian & Charles by Jim Archer

Sci-Fi Short Film With Heart

Brian and Charles is a feel-good sci-fi short with a dark underbelly. Brian is an isolated farmer that gets trapped in his farmhouse in Wales during a nasty winter. When depression sets in Brian does what all Welshmen do – he builds a robot to keep him company.

Shot as a mockumentary film, the short made due with a barebones budget. They only used funds to rent the cottage and pay for gas. A great example of quality filmmaking that does not require massive budgets and CGI to tell a story.

The robot is far from high-tech. Brian created his companion by using a head he found in a back shed, a box of cogs, and levers from the bedroom. Charles is a robot that even Stephen Hawking would invite over for tea. He has a child-like innocence that shines and brightens up the film.

Dark underbelly you say?

Brian & Charles deals with issues of abandonment, and even though the character is a robot, the film touched on just how cruel it is to abuse seniors. Charles the robot is a fantastic creation. He is not a killer robot hell-bent on destroying humanity. Any way you cut it, Brian & Charles is a beautiful film filled with joy. Enjoy!


Directed and Edited by Jim Archer
Written by and Starring David Earl and Chris Hayward
Produced by Rupert Majendie
Cinematography by Toby Goodger

See IMDB for the full cast and crew credits.

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